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Things are buzzing and zipping around but I didn't think twice about them. We sit down for dinner and these little beetles are crawling around the table. Okay, I'd rather they weren't there but I'll cope. Twilight comes and we're standing around chatting with a camp neighbor. It was as big as a nickel. I tried to flick if off her shoulder but it was stuck firmly, clinging with its little barbed feet. I tried to flick it off again. With shaking voice I said, 'Husband, I can't get this insect off your daughter.

I'm trying to be the good parent and not pass on stereotypical feminine fear of all things crawly, so going against every self-preserving instinct in my being, I tried to pry it off manually. It buzzed menacingly at me, and it still hung on to her shirt! So now I'm fully panicked and am hyperventilating.

The neighbor lady takes pity on me, reaches over and fearlessly pulls the THING off my daughter's shirt and tosses it away. My heart stops racing and I thank her profusely. Mr Journeymom is oblivious through out. I think maternal hormones amp up any innate phobias one has. Hope the bug is caught soon. As I walk past and see some of the clothes for girls, I am so glad that I have boys. Jeans, sloppy t-shirts, georgia boots, and a ball cap.

Then hope that we do not have to go anywhere that you have to be to dressy, or war breaks out with the oldest. Though I must admit he went along with the tux for ball very easily. Of course if his girl friend suggests something he is all for it. The main character's dad firmly believed that if you had a scratch or owie, you 'put some windex on it! On Nails: nails made out of gel are just as strong as acrylic, the only difference between the two is that with the gel, they do not use the nail drill to sand them down. They just brush it until it is the perfect shape and size.

Acrylic is painful- and also ruins your nail bed. Glad to hear your trip to Disney was fun, Kathy! I feel for that little girl- I was the same way at that age. My parents dragged me on to the Tower of Terror- kicking and screaming- and to this day I refuse to get back on it. I still remember how I used to shake so bad and look terrified.

Anything with a major drop somewhere in it, I refuse to ride. I ended up going home at midnight on my prom- I was tired, and I didn't want to stay at the afterprom party until 6 am. We had strict rules- the afterprom party started at 1 am, and if you were in it, you could not leave until the morning.

Journeymom- I'm so glad the memorial service was perfect! I went to school in NYC. Have you checked stores like Lord and Taylor Denise? They did carry a whole line of those dresses. Of course it has been so many years since I've looked to see what retail is doing. I was told by an avid fisherman that if you put ammonia on bug bites, particularly mosquitos bites it takes the sting out. I have used it on my kids the past two years and it has been very successful.

You just have to blow on it for a few seconds because it does sting. Today a friend of ours had a Tibetan stupa for peace dedication on his property. He is a slightly eccentric artist. He lives in a hay house with no running water or electricity The stupa is for world peace. It was an incredible experience. The governor declared today Stupa Day in Connecticut. All kinds of dignitaries including the State Attorney General were there.

There was an ecumenical dedication, we had a priest, a rabbi, reverend, a couple of ministers, and Iman, a Buddhist priest and several Tibetan monks and the Rempoche. It was really very moving. I am still studying for my test which is Wednesday. This test is given only twice a year I have received emails from the others, wishing each other luck saying where in the USA they are taking the est. Half the time I feel like calling to cancel, forget it, I am not ready, but since everything in my house takes priority to my studying, including posting here I will go through with it now.

I have to drive across the state, all the way to Litchfield county for an available test site to add to my stress level. I will stay in a hotel so hopeful I can cram in my room before the test since no husband of children will be demanding mommy do this! Wish me luck. Puck - you do not have an Ungrateful Son. My prom dress was an off-the-shoulder, Gone With the Wind inspired dress with multiple tiers, all in a lovely shade of melon, which I had hoped would show off my tan.

No hoop, thank goodness. Instead I had a huge pouffy slip, which I actually ended up using when I got married. I don't think I could fit one leg in it now. Alas, earwax! So I have no dress to share. I guess this is why my wedding dress was always going to be the dress of my dreams - full skirt and somewhat gone with the wind-y!!! LOL And as it was only five years ago - it does still fit! My you have safe road conditions as well. I think I even had one of those big petticoat slips underneath, not a hoop skirt, but almost.

Our scanner doesn't work or else I'd give you all a good laugh. I definitely cannot wear my Prom dress anymore. I think I weighed all of 98 pounds back then. Maybe I should donate it to Lockhart. He could probably fashion a nice cloak out of the material in the skirt! It looks like a whole chicken at first glance. She eats about 6 oz a meal right now, sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. Even full grown, an entire chicken is too much There is a close up of her with it behind my avatar.

I forgot there was Scouts today so I have to drive up to the school to drop off vest, dues, books and note for Kaitlyn. Or is that an old wives tale about bones and dogs. I suppose in the wild no one says careful for the bones. The only raw bones that can cause a problem are weight bearing bones, they tend to be harder and can chip teeth. When I give her marrow bones, like leg bones, they are for recreational gnawing and get taken away after a few hours. Exactly Thom! No wild dogs are lining up at the magical kibble machine or breaking out a campfire to cook their meals.

Now, having said that, I fed kibble for years before I switched my dogs to raw meat and bones. There are very good quality kibbles available now and each pet owner has to do what they are comfortable with. I feed pieces, I have not worked up to throwing an entire rabbit, fur and all, out into the yard for her to eat I have been informed by my little guy, though, that it is a centipede - at least he thinks so. I spent much of the night looking for it and vacuuming suspicious areas. I think Mr. HH is thankful that I didn't find it, since he would not appreciate being awakened from a sound sleep in the night to kill a bug.

And that has happened. Remember for the next time, you could always rip her shirt clean off. Once, when I was parked with my sun roof open, a cicada flew into the car. Since Olivia has inherited my "dislike" of insects, I had to be the calm one. Needless to say, it woke up a napping Priscilla. Oh and thanks for the picture, John B. Enough about bugs - bleck. We are off to the aquarium and a walk on the boardwalk today. Kiddies are on spring vac. Hugs and cheering charms to all. You look lovely! Mike- The car really isn't worth fixing. The guy who looked at if for us is a friend of Dan's family, so we trust him.

But, on the good side, a friend of mine from work is selling her Grand Prix her future mother-in-law just gave her a brand new car!! So we're looking into that!! Ginny and Tori- You two look beautiful in your dresses!! I went to 3 different proms. My sophomore year, my boyfriend was a senior, so I went to his, and then my senior year, my boyfriend went to a different school, so I went to his and my own.

My first dress was a beautiful pinky-melony color and very classic. Spaghetti straps and an A-line skirt For my senior year, both my dresses we bright blue. The first one looked a lot like the pink one, but with a lower back. The one I wore to my prom was very tight and covered with glitter. The top was strapless, but the back came all the way up to my neck and wrapped around.

Nothing new here really. Still waiting to hear back about this job for the summer, and Dan's still waiting to hear about his interview. I literally worked all weekend, and I'm exhausted. But, finals are coming up soon, and then I get a whole week off before summer semester starts!! Well, off the check the threads!! Love the pic, Ginny and Tori!

One prom for me, never again. Difficult to describe. In one word it would be 'gothic'. I'll put a link in my profile to my one picture, but it isn't very good. WOO, one exam down, 3 to go! I didn't do that well actually. Question 10 made me laugh - What statement was Paracelsus famous for? I knew the answer, just not the exact quote - why would you need it in an Aquatic Science exam? LOL Hope everyone has a lovely day! Denise, if you are considering bunnies for a meal, I may have some bunnies for you.

I saw my neighbor today, she said that the bunnies have been unusually quiet since their little adventure at my expense. Since both bunnies are girls I have NO desire to add bunnies to my menagerie. You would be most welcome to them. HH, centipedes really are the a creepy crawler. According to my mother the liked to eat human hair. Jenn, I hope your friend's car works out. That would be fantastic. Car or vehicles in my opinion are a hunk of metal designed to get you from point "A" to point "B" safely, quickly, and economically. Except that I need a vehicle that can carry a minimum of for kids in need of car seats I would drive the smallest cheapest vehicle I could find.

Edit: Way to go haymoni!! Still in Human Resources. Still in government. Yes, I know - I'll never learn! The drive will be longer, but the money waaay better.

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As always, the hardest thing is leaving my co-workers. And, of course, I will now have to find new HP fans to theorize with! Brisbee hasn't posted in April. Has anyone had any contact? Azi I liked your outfit - and your friend has a dress exactly like two that I possess only mine are two different colours and a larger size LOL. I need to look back to see a link for the twins - I shall comeback oh and kaykay - your date or husband? I was there, she thought she looked horrible in it, but she looked great!

I forgot to mention Kay's photo earlier - my first thought was WOW! So classy! I was like Thom -- I just thought it was "no bones, period! Speaking of which, we were just one hair away from having another furry friend today. Little Pince and I went to the pet shop to get dogfood, and they always have a cage featuring the "rescue pet of the week" or whatever, hoping to catch some sucker walking in the door.

The prettier of them curled in a ball asleep the whole time, but the other shamelessly rubbed his face on the bars and arched his back and purred loudly, practically yelling "Look at me! Look how cute I am! Only the thought that the dog would undoubtedly enter into Denise's "raw food" program dissuaded me from packing the little darling into my purse right then and there.

Little League opening day was fun. Our banner turned out fine although it was definitely not the most creative nor prettiest, but I take consolation that the kids themselves did most of the decorating rather than us parents. Some of the other banners were adorable but obviously made entirely by parents -- most were made of felt cut-outs. The Pirates one had a desert island with a pirate ship and crossed cutlasses, and a big open treasure-chest, and they glued on coins and jewels and put Mardi-Gras beads coming through the banner from the back so it looked like treasure spilling out of the chest -- very nice.

Then another one depicted a baseball field viewed from above, and each kid's picture was pasted on each position - on each base, pitcher's mound, etc. The parade was a mile long, and the kids had more fun throwing candy than anything else. Then a long-winded speech by the commissioner and throwing first pitches, etc.

We still had two hours to kill before our game, so we went to a little pond nearby, and then couldn't get Little P to come back to play the game -- he wanted to go fishing. Finally managed it with a promise to come back fishing later. All the kids did very well in the game, it is so cute to watch them. Journeymom, the memorial for your mother sounded beautiful. I am so glad that you and your family shared such a special time. Ginny and Tori, and KayKay and Azi! Glad you had a good time!

Our school was a Jr. So everyone gets to go at least twice, and I actually got to go three times because when I was a sophomore I was dating a senior. That year my dress was very demure v-neck white cotton and lace with little blue and lilac flowers all over and cap sleeves. Then junior year it was an aqua green spaghetti-strap with ivory crocheted cotton lace think Grandma's doilies over the bodice.

Senior year it was pink spaghetti-strap with a floaty-filmy-see-thru-thingy over the bodice, and an asymmetrical overskirt. All of mine were straight and skinny -- no hoops or ballgowns. I get my "fix" for that now, doing the living history things -- and my wedding dress had the big ballgown skirt, too. It's the guys' tuxes that crack me up when I look back at those old pictures -- one was baby blue with a navy velvet collar and a ruffled shirt that Gilderoy Lockhart would've been proud to own; and one was maroon with a pink ruffled shirt. Too funny. I would love to see the peacock dress! It was awful.

I'm sure the guys are loving these fashion conversations Hope Loopy is doing well! Ginny and Tori, you looked beautiful! Sirius, where in Litchfield County are you taking your test? I live in Litchfield County way up in the northwest corner. The crinoline was much better than a real hoop! And congrats on your new job, too. Well, spring break is over, but the footings for the foundation are poured and half of the basement is packed Mr. My mother came and packed up all the good dishes in the china cabinets there was quite a lot as we inherited Mr.

Mediwitch's parents' dishes when his dad moved in with us. So we've got a good start on the packing, which is a good thing as I doubt I'll get much done in the next 8 weeks until school ends! The last few weeks of school are always so hectic with annual reviews and writing IEPs for my students for next year. So if my attendance gets a little sporadic for a while, know I am here in spirit! Sirius but if I ever got to the point of feeding prey, it would be not alive still. I doubt I will ever be able to feed whole prey to Tinsel since she is a hider. I gave her a juicy marrow bone this morning, she hid it and I have not seen it since sigh I have to watch her eat or she will go bury it.

I will have to scan a picture of my prom if I ever come across them in a box, in the basement, somewhere She was at number one a few minutes ago, but now shes at 5, so vote people! Loved the Prom pictures, Azi and Kaykay! I don't know the area at all so I am staying a hotel right near there. After the test I may have an hour or two before I have to get home. Is there anything interesting to do in that area? Sorry for all I've missed, but I did check out the pictures of everyone's dresses, skirts, tops etc. Everyone can see my lovely vest and tie in my avatar.

I's actually really sorry I missed the lead up to your big night Ginny and Tori, but school is quite large for me at the moment. We had "seats" but no-one used them during the whole show, and my hearing was shot after the show but it was one of the best nights ever. I also got to read IGN's review of OotP on Wii, which sounds incredible, and is highly recommended for anyone who hasn't read it yet. How long ago was it taken? I haven't looked at azi's picture yet, I will have to go and look.

Regan, I bet the Chilli's were excellent. I have a friend who went to see them and said it was the best concert they had been to. I am trying to persuade hubby to get a furry 4 legged friend. I mean, to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Denise, hope your 14 year old had a great birthday! I think my next concert will be Sesame Street, Live. Yesterday it was almost 90 degrees here. I actually had to drag out the sprinkler for the kids. Today will be in the mid 70's.

Perfect for me. It is so much nicer going to soccer games without mittens. Diva is one of the youngest on her team. Her aim is not to score a goal, but simply for her foot to make contact with the ball a couple of times during the games. This means I will have to endure Dead Lobster tonight. Cheese than go there. I detest sea food so it is hard to find something on the menu, even though they have other stuff it is not that great. Wasn't it PennyLane who used to work there? What a little fat head he had as a baby, like a round Charlie Brown head.

Well, not much has changed, he still acts like a fat head at times One down 3 to go. Still haven't caught up on my sleep. I really can't believe how many people thoughtfully send me well wishes and healing charms. I can't believe it. Unfortunately, I'm sad to report that the gluteal allograft ultimately didn't take.

It was rough going, at first, but that was to be expected given the level of flatulence that is a normal part of this particular procedure. The doctors were great, very attentive and I didn't once feel like they'd left me alone, flapping in the breeze. Then, just when it seemed that things were going well, I made the mistake of watching on old South Park on Comedy Central.

I'd forgotten how funny this particular episode was and I ended up Alas, I have no regrets and hopefully, another donor will fall into my lap in the near future, so keep your fingers crossed. I missed my senior prom. I dropped out my senior year, married my husband and got my GED. It wasn't one of my better choices. I could have waited one more year. I wasn't PG or anything, just young and in love. Reagan, Lucky you! In other words, music from our Hey-Day.. No way! Next time, girlfriend and I will go without Old Fogie Hubbies. We are still young at heart, afterall.

Denise, longhair son is cute. He brings to mind a cuter version of Ron Weasley. He looked Cotton-headed as a newborn, now a dark auburn? I hope he has a very Happy Birthday. I know what you mean about trying to order something different from a restaurant that specializes in a certain food. I ordered steak from Mexican Restaurant one time. Big "Misteak"! It had a pile of habenero peppers on it.

It was so hot, I wept quietly while trying to detect a hint of steak flavor. If I remember correctly, Red Lobster does offer a descent steak. LoL, Madame Pince! My brother wore a baby blue tux with ruffled shirt to his senior prom. Gilderoy Lockhart would indeed be proud! Mediwitch, what a cool License plate! I am so sorry. Bless you. I am sure it will go better next time. It is hard not to laugh when your not supposed to. Welcome Back! She was n-o-t fond of it. We had gorgeous weather yesterday too.

Today look lovely so far but every now and then the sun winks. What a difference a week makes! I am leaving home now for Danbury, lock to lock myself in a room reading until the Lamaze test first thing in the morning, wish me luck. Hope you have a great day! Loopy I'm sorry you went through all of that for the procedure not to take. Good luck finding a new donor.

I know what you mean about being young and in love Madame Pomphrey! I married my Prom date right after graduation! I do regret not going to college. But I have been married nearly 19 years and have my 5 darling children to show for it! So maybe I did something right! I love your Prom dress azi! My daughter wanted a similar one last year, but they didn't have it in her size.

Should we keep this in mind and not say anything that will make Loopy laugh out loud too much lest he actually have need to Use the Internet initialism of "LMAO" literally? Perhaps John is a seer after all. Loopy, at least your humor is in tact, as well as your wit. We went for new sneakers this morning. Baby Puck is proudly toddling around in her new "shoes". It's got to be genetic.

Even as babies my girls love shoes. Son only cares that they don't have laces. Well, it looks like nap time. For the little one, though I wish for me. I get to give Diva a manicure and then clean the house as quickly as possible before going off to work. Yes, I've already tried "Hijack this," and it didn't take either. Anyway, forgot to send Mr. I have been married to the same man for 28 years and we have three children and 3 grandchildren.

Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror

I wouldn't trade them for anything. I was fortunate enough to attend college. I had 3 young children at home at the time. Boy, was that rough! I don't recommend it. I wished I had went before the children started coming, but, I have always done things backwards. Loopy, what an appropriate avatar! Usually cleans up hijackers nicely, unless you have been hijacked by coolWWWsearch, in which case you have to use an additional utility. If you try Spybot, I would suggest downloading it from their German site, as it is less prone to negative interaction with your anti-virus program.

And no, before anyone asks, there is nothing implied toward you by my screen name. LOL At Loopy! I lovee them!! They never seem to come around here, and when they do I'm usually broke I bet it was an awsomee show! Love the other Prom Dresses! Veryy pretty! Gotta Go! Happy Tuesday!! I would love to go to one of their concerts!

Off to start writing a research paper. How fun is that?!!! Or are you in accord with Ihavebothbottocks? Denise, in my anxiety and giddiness, I forgot to wish Happy Birthday to your hairy teenager. I have just a 3 short years, I will be there too, shhh, shudder. I am taking a short break from my reading at the public library in Danbury. I logged in here think the computer would ask if I wanted it to remember my login but it did not. Now I wonder, can anyone log-in as me at this computer? Yes, Danbury is a bit south of me. It takes me an hour to get there. There is a mall Danbury Fair and plenty of shopping - that's about the only reason I ever get to Danbury.

No malls less than an hour away for me! Sounds like shopping isn't high on your priority list, though. Good luck on your test! Happy Birthday 11 Hair Boy! Now maybe Tonks will take Moody serius,eh? LOL, Loopy! Hope a new donor comes along soon! Have a safe trip too! I think I might add my prom picture to the mix. Then you all could see how bad a job my hairdresser did with my hair. If I can figure out how to place it in my profile, then I'll let you all know when to look! I loved your photos, Kay, Ginny, and Tori!

Almost done with school! Hope it flies by!!! Back to the final projects. I used to put puppet shows on for the Grandbabies and they loved it. Madame Pomfrey, I'm kind of looking forward to the puppetry class, but am really afraid it's going to cost an arm and a leg for the various supplies. Today was a big day. Little Bug and I checked out a preschool co-op. She was a bit overwhelmed by it all, but it was a really great place and I think we're going to enroll her in the 3's class for next year. Little Bug will turn 3 on Aug 12th. I hope everyone is having a great day. And your brother looks very handsome.

I like that he doesn't have the usual tux. Sirius I hope that your test went well and that you receive an outstanding. Loopy, accio new donor! Everyones dresses look lovely. I would post my prom picture but I am having problems putting pictures into my profile. I tried the other day with no luck. Kristina, Have fun in your puppet class. Maybe you will be able to use odd and end things that are laying around the house to help cut down the cost. In my freshman year of high school I took an early education class, with a pre-school class.

The children all loved the puppet shows that we did. Unfortunately, during that time I realized that I have no patience when you get a group of little children together. But on the other hand I am likely to have up to 5 or 6 teenagers at my house on weekends and holidays. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get cigarette smoke out of clothes? I was given some very nice clothes this past weekend, but if I cannot get that smell out of them I will have to give them to goodwill.

I am allergic to tobacco so the smell is doing bad things to my head.

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LOL I wanted to take an early education class at my high school, but for some reason it didn't happen. I was more into the agriculture program I raised pigs for the county fair. From my teaching experience now, I am looking at teaching 4th-6th grade the younger grades seem too much like babysitting, and I've done that now for about 10 years.

Time to move on! Sonya, are the clothes machine washable?

Finding Antique and Vintage Knitting Manuals // Casual Friday 2-22

You could do a pre-soak cycle with baking soda, then wash with a detergent with a bleach alternative and some nice smelling fabric softener. Oxyclean does good with stains in the pre-soak, but I think the soda may be better for odors. Good luck! Off to get some sleep. My Board meeting for the preschool went until after 10pm, so by the time I got home and watched Idol it was late. Hmm, I think I just spotted son's homework paper on the floor. I should pick it up, or the cat will do her chewing and tearing of paper thing, and I'll have to write a note explaining that the cat ate his homework.

I have washed a few things twice already. I even let them soak most of the day. I will try the baking soda. It works on moldy towel smell anyways. How can something so stinky make something also stinky smell sweet? The doctor also drew four vials of blood to test for diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, my cholesterol levels.

I have a follow up visit in ten days. That's rough. Hang in there.


Sending healing charms your direction. I hope you're not too far behind on the Forum. It's good to know a cheeky fella like you can keep his spirits up when things go into the crapper. Nicely put, Mike. Healing charms to Nathan! Please remember that we need to maintain a family friendly atmosphere One of my high school roommates just emailed me with the phone number of one of our best friends that we all lost touch with once he married a nutcase his former wife.

It is only am in the L. The Whacko His former wife didn't like him talking to anyone he went to boarding school with, probably because it was mainly women. Never mind that all of us are married to other people and never dated one another in high school She didn't even like him having contact with his family, his brother and I had a long conversation about that little detail.

Already had a plumber out this morning to fix something, now I am waiting on the air conditioning guy so we can get the house cooler. What an adorable pic! Loved your long-haired guy, too. A belated Happy Birthday to him! I never realized you had one so close to Olivia in age, but then again, think of the odds of you not having one on or near the age of one of mine.

Thank you for the recipe - I made it for my family and even Olivia ate it. She is my pickiest.


Healing charms and prayers your way, Nathan. Hope your condition improves. I was just given word by two very excited children that our butterflies have hatched! Off to go see - and pick some flowers for them. That is where the slang term came from. How's that for bailing the squid from said john. Juliebug, the little bug will love preschool.

Happy birthday to Denise's Hair Boy! Maria, did Trevor's centipede ever show up? So my son is in trouble for lying about having said something very inappropriate at Sunday school--his teacher had to call and tell us, then son lied about it, claiming his teacher was lying, etc. So he needs a consequence for the lying. We were going to have him miss the top reader sleepover at school this weekend, but decided that would be too harsh.

You have to have at least AR points to go to this event and he has and is dyslexic, which is quite an accomplishment. He's never been to this and his sister went every year she was at that school. So he's been working for that goal all year. We don't want him to miss his Cub Scout crossover, he has to go to things like his Tae Kwon Do belt test and baseball games, and we think cancelling his birthday party would be too mean as well.

So, yes, we are probably being wishy washy parents, which is probably why he got into trouble in the first place. The important part of this whole story was dh's most recent idea about what consequence son should get for lying: "We need one of those quills. Make him stand in front of the Sunday School class and apologize. Then it is his choice not yours.

No either or, but make him do both items. He asked my brother at the door of the classroom how it went. Unfortunately, it didn't. Well, an invisible centipede is a good centipede, right? Hmm, how about taking away a privilege, such as TV, or whatever he likes to do in what spare time he has. Or assign chores. Make it for a duration that fits the crime. Trust me, after one or two times without a privilege, or with a chore, they feel it. Funny how, even if they don't really have the time for it, just knowing it's been revoked pains them. Love the prom pics, everyone! What store did you find your black dress in, Ginny or Tori?

Sorry, I don't know who's who. I think that is what Olivia has in mind for her 8th Grade dance. Not exactly educational but the kids love the place - you'd think we told them we were going to Disney. Then off to Serendipity for lunch. We're trying to come up with something for the lying. Everything we've thought of so far seems like too much punishment for the "crime. After he hid his sister's purse the other day and didn't tell her where it was until after school I let her take away his favorite stuffed zebra and hide it in her room until bedtime, and if he bothered her or snuck into her room to try and find it then his zebra would have to spend the night in his sister's room.

This was an excellent consequence, as he shaped up and realized he'd better not hide any more of her stuff. Daughter inserted her own evil twist by hiding the zebra under one of her pillows that she regularly sprays with lavender-scented linen spray. So the zebra smelled like lavender for a few days.

I have a suggestion. Have him address it to you, his parents. It could contain either examples of lies and their consequences, or what he can do to avoid lying in the future. No need for Umbridge's quill, a pencil will suffice. I wrote one of these when I ran in to my mom's car with my own. It was more torture than anything I ever could have given up.

Also, actually thinking about the mistake helped me internalize respect of other people's property, and I am the only one in my family with no tickets on my record. I still have to be really careful in parking lots, though. The show is over. The costumes have been washed and will be back at the school this afternoon! I have my life back! Lying - washing the mouth out with soap? I use the liquid hand soap and put it on their tooth brush. They then brush their teeth foamy! The taste of the soap lingers on the toothbrush for a couple of days - so they have a gentle reminder.

I like the idea of the essay. Sorry, I should know this. I like Jenniffler's essay suggestion. I don't have any brilliant ideas, but I'll just share that it took me the longest time to figure out that it is completely unreal to assume that I'd only have to tell my kid one time how something goes. They conveniently forget. The payoff for lying outweighs telling the truth. We know how it is, we all lie. All we can do is keep reminding them that telling the truth is the way to go and that we know they're capable of it. He had been declining since the weekend. I hope to post again sometime next week.

My heart-felt sympathies to you and your family. I look forward to hearing from you next week. And he'd just be apologizing to his Sunday school teacher and class if he hadn't lied about it. Welcome back Sheila! I've tried the soap before, but son has quite the gag reflex and well, it is a Bad Idea for him. Jenniffler, we had considered having him write lines or do an essay.

He hates to write--because of his dyslexia it is very difficult for him. However, he will have the 4th grade TAKS next year and therefore has a lot of writing in the immediate future. In fact, his summer homework is to work on his writing he does not know about this yet, perhaps hoping that we will forget to give him summer homework, which he thinks is Extremely Unfair. I appreciate the input! Maybe in addition to writing the essay I'll have him write "I must not tell lies" on his hand with a red marker. Editing--Viola, so sorry for your loss. Sympathies to you and your family.

Strengthening charms to you and your family. Kids do have a habit of forgetting lessons you have carefully taught them.

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My oldest -just a few weeks away from being 7- ran out into a parking lot after his sister's soccer game the other night. I had spent the game making sure the 18 month old didn't do this, but thought her big brother knew better. Now, from the time he could walk I taught him not to walk into the street, etc Everyone was leaving from the game, so it was a dangerous situation. I shrieked at him to stop and get back on the grass, then walked him up to the nearest SUV that was still parked, and showed him how he was shorter than all the mirrors and windows.

The baby is sleeping and no one else is home. Guess I should fold some laundry or something before heading out to bring son to his piano lesson. I have missed you all. When my kids get into trouble or forget the simple things - like shutting the refrigerator door - and they do it over and over causing the milk to sour, etc I make them write sentences such as: It is important that I make sure I close the refrigerator door because my dad works hard for the money we have to spend on groceries, and by not closing the refrigerator door, the milk sours, eggs aren't fresh, left overs need to be thrown away causing frustration on the part of my mom, my dad, and by brothers and sisters when their favorite left over pizza has to be thrown away and there is no milk for cookies; therefore, I will try harder and be more conscious of the things I do and don't do.

I will have to see if I can find it. Sorry to hear about your FIL, Viola! I was one of those good children when I was little.

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